Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
Alia Bhatt

Alia and Ranveer in a black Range Rover. The new guest of the Kapoor family wrapped in white cloth on Ranveer’s lap. Ranlia was seen leaving the hospital in Mumbai this morning, accompanied by their beloved daughter. Straight from the hospital they went to their Bandra residence ‘Vastu’.

Alia gave birth to a baby girl on November 6. Alia was admitted to Reliance Hospital in Mumbai at seven in the morning that day. Today i.e. Thursday morning, Alia has been given permission to return home from the hospital. Ranveer came to pick up Alia and the newborn from the hospital. The princess of the Kapoor family went to her home holding her father.

The hospital premises were thronged with paparazzi and eager people from this morning. Everyone was waiting to see Ranlia’s love angel. Pictures and videos of Alia, Ranveer and their daughter in a Range Rover car are going viral on the net. But they are unclear in all videos and pictures. Alia was seen without make-up in a black dress. The joy of new motherhood is overflowing in her eyes. Meanwhile, a glimpse of the newborn wrapped in a white cloth was caught on Ranveer’s lap.

Meanwhile, the Kapoor family is all set to welcome their new member. Everyone was waiting for this day. The Kapoor family’s homestead ‘Krishna Raj’ bungalow is decked out in lights. Over the past few days, ‘Krishna Raj’ has been revamped. Ranlia is supposed to stay with their daughter in this eight-storey bungalow. Neetu Kapoor lives on one floor of this bungalow. However, Ranveer and Alia have gone to their house in Bandra with their daughter for now.

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt tied the knot on April 14. They had a very simple wedding at the ‘Vastu’ residence in Bandra. Marriage, children—all in all, the beginning of a new chapter in Ranlia’s life. After becoming a girl, Alia expressed her happiness on social media and wrote, ‘The best event of our life. Our child is born. She is like a sweet doll. Feeling the joy of becoming a parent. Meanwhile, Ranveer is said to have cried with emotion while holding his daughter for the first time.