Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
Azmeri Haque Badhon

Before the release of Netflix’s ‘Khufia’ series, actress Ajmeri Haque Badhan signed up for Charki’s ‘Guti’ series. Bandhan will appear in the role of a drug dealer named Sultana in the series directed by Shankh Dasgupta. This is the first work of bandhan and conch with Charaki. Before the shooting of the series begins soon, Charki has revealed a few ‘looks’ of Bandhan.

Bandhan said, ‘The work is going to be very challenging for me. How challenging it is, viewers will understand. I am actually very happy and grateful that Charki has produced a female lead series.” He wants to show a completely different plot, different character, different kind of story. I have been talking about my character with Shankh for a long time. I have been holding the character for a long time. What veil to wear, what color clothes to wear, which one will look exactly like that character – these things have been discussed with the director.

Bandhan thinks that the work of female lead character will increase in Bangladesh, in his comment, “I don’t want to hear that female lead character work does not work in Bangladesh. I was heartbroken when I heard that. I believe this perception will change in the next one to two years. We can change this thinking by our actions. I can give something new to the audience too.

Director Shankh Dasgupta said that the series will be shot in Chittagong and Comilla along with Dhaka. He said, ‘This is my first work with Charki. I am very much looking forward to the job. So far we have 7 drafts of the screenplay. Now the screenplay is being read about the artist. Artists are being taken from the region where we will shoot.’