Mon. Jan 30th, 2023
Rashmika Mandanna

When required, the actress perfectly becomes the character in front of the camera. Rashmika Mandana is so diverse in personal life? He is as lively as a bird. Speak fluently. Recently in an interview, the ‘Pushpa’ actress revealed her true form.

Said, “There is something in my personality that the audience sees on screen. That’s me. In fact everything is within itself. When necessary, I expose the camera. Similar to the original. I don’t want to fool the audience.” Although she made her debut in a southern film, the actress entered Bollywood this year with the film ‘Goodbye’. Offer a bunch of pictures in hand. Although now Rashmika has given her mind to the South again. Recently, the actress is busy shooting for the film ‘Barishu’ directed by Vamshi Piripalli. He will share the screen with Vijay Talapati in that film.

Although the actress has been repeatedly attacked along with her busy career. Sometimes I had to listen to sarcasm about clothes, sometimes about nature. Rashmika has just got used to it. But the actress does not want the shadow of condemnation to drag her back again and again. He claimed, “There is no such thing as everyone will understand me. I don’t expect to get everyone’s love. But that doesn’t mean you should continue negative propaganda against me!” Rashmika also praised the cinematographers. He said that at the beginning he was nervous in front of the camera, but after talking with them, he gradually understood the work style. In the words of Rashmika, “As I am doing my work, they are also doing their work! I have to smile, if only for a few seconds, so they can take the picture.”

Recently, the actress was involved in a new controversy. When Rashmika was describing her acting journey in an interview, she came across the first film ‘Kirik Party’. Rashmika became a star overnight with the film. Thank you for not taking the name of the production company? The members of the organization were upset by this. The Kannada film industry was going to ban Rashmika’s film because of her. After its release in 2016, the film did huge business at the box office. To say, Rashmika’s success started with this Kannada film.

Rashmika’s rise in the southern film world was remarkable. Several of her films with actor Vijay Deverakonda became superhits. Rashmika-Vijay duo reached the peak of popularity. There were rumors about their relationship off screen as well. However, no one spoke about it.