Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
Shanaya Kapoor

Shanaya Kapoor is going to enter the world of Hindi films. The first film of the career “Vedhadak” will be released soon. This actress who is new to Bollywood, is so upset that she has no sleep at night. It is not difficult to guess from the Kapoor surname at the end of the name, which family she belongs to. Sonam, Janhvi, Arjun of this generation from the Kapoor family have already established their place in Bollywood. Khushi and Shanaya Kapoor are going to make their debut this time. They are desperate to prove themselves. Sanjay Kapoor and Maheep Kapoor’s daughter Shanaya has worked in Bollywood for so long as an associate director. Now she is going to test her luck as a heroine. Shanaya is going to start her career with Dharma Production’s ‘Vedhadak’. Directed by Shashank Khaitan, the film features two more newcomers – Gurfateh Peerzada and Laksh Lalwani.

Even before making her name as a Bollywood actress, Shanaya’s fan following on social media is eye-catching. It can be said that he is enjoying stardom before the release of the film. On the other hand, Abhishek is spending days worrying about his debut film. Before the release of his debut film, he said in an interview about Amlamadhu’s bittersweet feelings, “On the one hand, I am as nervous as I am on the other hand, I am excited on the other hand. Because of nervousness, I’m about to throw my best. But not because of the first film, it is my first step in the career path. So I am very stressed. Hopefully, my career will be long and beautiful. Excited because, I am so close to my childhood dream. A lot of feelings at the same time caught me in Jap.

Shanaya also talked about the preparation of the film, ‘Gurfateh, Laksh and I have prepared ourselves in various ways for this film. It is a special picture for the whole team. The picture is very close to my heart. I feel lucky to get an opportunity in a film like ‘Vedhadak’ at the very beginning of my career. The 22-year-old star feels that her debut is going to be a little different as the film has new actors in the lead roles. He said, ‘My debut is going to be different from the other five. There have not been many debuts like this in the industry before. A great story about three young men.

Shanaya said about her role in the film ‘Vedhadak’, ‘The character is very challenging. I have been preparing myself for the role. It can be said that I have been working hard day and night. Willing to do any kind of work to prove himself. When the audience sees the film, hopefully, they will see my hard work.