Mon. Jan 30th, 2023
Rashmika Mandanna cute

There is always a sweet smile on the corner of the lips. A rush of love overflowing in the eyes. This southern beauty lives in the hearts of thousands of youngsters. On the one hand, the number of his fans is increasing. And along with him, the number of people who continue to hate him is increasing. Actress Rashmika Mandana is very upset and confused about all this. Recently, he shared his thoughts in a post on social media.

After the film ‘Pushpa: The Rise’, Rashmika’s name has reached every household. He has recently entered Bollywood through the film ‘Goodbye’. He will be seen in two more Bollywood projects. All in all, he has organized his career very well. But recently, Rashmika is in a lot of trouble. He is disappointed with the constant negative comments in the net world. This southern star is heartbroken to see people hate him so much.

“Some things have been bothering me for a few days. You can say I’ve been in turmoil for months. I think I should speak openly about this. I’ll just say mine, which I probably needed to say years ago. Ever since I started my career, I have been getting a lot of hate.

Referring to that topic, Rashmika also wrote, ‘I know very well that the life I have chosen has a lot to do with it. I also know that not everyone will like or love me. And that doesn’t mean that those who don’t like me have the right to spread negativity in my name.’

I like to be immersed in the happiness and peace that I find after work. Try to glorify myself and all of you through that work. It breaks my heart to hear or read things about myself that I have never said before. Some of my words were misinterpreted during the interview. False accusations are being spread about me on the internet. All this can affect my relationship with the industry. I just want to welcome constructive criticism. Because, through this, I can change myself and improve myself. My question is what do you gain by spreading all these negative words and hatred about me?’

Many stars have said that they have adapted to this. But Rashmika says, ‘I tried not to care about these things. But I see that the situation is getting worse. I don’t want to look down on anyone by saying this. I just followed my heart.’

Rashmika said, ‘I cannot change myself as a person. That doesn’t mean you just keep hating me. I am saying these words to those who hate me. Those who love me, they will not rub these words. Keep loving me like this. With the love and support of all of you, I have been able to strengthen myself and have the courage to speak my mind. I can only give love to people around me. The people I have worked with will always be close to my heart. In the coming days I will work harder, try to improve myself. I myself am happy with your happiness. be kind We all try to give our best all the time. Thank you.’