Mon. Jan 30th, 2023
Why was there a complaint of hiring another womb, said Priyanka

Priyanka Chopra is fully enjoying motherhood after the arrival of daughter Malti Mary in the life of the Jonas couple. Priyanka took the help of surrogacy to bring Malti. Recently the actress did a photo shoot with her daughter. This is the first time Priyanka did a photo shoot with her daughter. And he spoke openly about surrogacy.

Priyanka did a photo shoot with her daughter Malti for Vogue magazine. However, he did not show the girl’s face in this photo shoot. Priyanka said about the birth of Malati in the interview, “I was in the operating room when Malati was born. He was smaller than the palm of my hand. I have seen how the nurses at Incentive Care care, they are great people.’

Apart from this, the former Miss World candidly told why she took the help of surrogacy. Priyanka said, ‘I have various physical complications. And so I was not able to give birth to my own child. So when it came to thinking about the baby, we had no choice but surrogacy. I consider myself lucky. Because I got a chance in this regard. And I am grateful to my surrogate, who has taken care of this precious gift for us for six months.’

In this interview, Priyanka sadly stated that she was accused of ‘outsourcing pregnancy’ after giving birth to Malati. Many have even accused the actress of giving ‘pregnancy rent’ and bringing ‘ready-made babies’. Did Priyanka somehow expect such a reaction, she replied, ‘When people talk about me, I make myself stronger mentally.’

Priyanka married American pop star Nick Jonas in 2018. In January last year, Priyanka’s lap light came Malti.