Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
Indian hockey team's

Reid saw no vitality in the boys in the final. Accepted that the Indian team could not stand in front of Australia in any category.

The coach of the Indian hockey team, Graham Reed, cannot accept the loss of 0-7 to Australia in the final of the Commonwealth Games. Harmanpreet Singh, Manpreet Singh is very upset with the game. Augie coach saw no vitality in the boys in the finals.

Reid hoped the students would compete against their own country for a gold medal. But his boys practically surrendered in the Birmingham final. Reed disappointed in the team’s performance. Accepted, the Indian team could not stand in front of Australia in any category. “There’s a thing called vitality,” says Reed. “Unfortunately I didn’t see that in any of the team in the final.”

Even if you can’t win, why do you lose by such a big margin to the bronze winners in Tokyo Olympics? “Sometimes that happens,” Reed said. But we couldn’t play at all. That’s what disappointed me the most. We could not do anything that we discussed, planned. It is very disappointing. We couldn’t put any pressure on the opposition at any point in the match.”

Reid himself played 130 matches for Australia. The mindset of the Australian team is not unknown to him. In a match like the final, the goal is to twist the opponent from the start. Indian team coach said, “We couldn’t do anything. Couldn’t win even once in a one-on-one situation. To do well in the finals, these small battles have to be won. It’s important to win every little battle.”

Matches like finals have to be won with pressure. Reid said, “There will be pressure on the big stage. Always there. I told the boys to play their best game. So that history remembers them. So that they can prosper. But nothing happened.

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