Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
Dhyan Chand Day

His birthday is celebrated as National Sports Day. The Bengal Hockey Association could not be free from controversy even on the birthday of the hockey wizard Dhyan Chand.

In protest, Baruipur High School did not take Dhyan Chand’s named trophy on his birthday. A dozen clubs like Rangers, Punjab Sports rejected the BHA trophy as announced in advance.

Anandabazar shed light on the reason for this protest on Tuesday. Which stirs up the day in BHA. These included Hockey India’s threat to take over the Baton Cup as the AstroTurf at SAI was in disrepair, no elections for five years, the idea of giving franchises to districts instead of clubs.

BHA president Numi Mehta says, “Maybe many people could not come because of traffic jams. And those who did not rise on the stage even from the ceremony, they insulted the National Sports Day.” But the protesting clubs have raised questions about how many days Numi Mehta can be seen on the hockey field.

The BHA president also said on this day, “Hockey India’s constitution must be followed. And if you want to do that, the district franchise will get priority instead of the club. In that case, the clubs will be able to sustain their existence by playing the Calcutta League.” He will see bigger protests in the coming days.”

Angry club owners were present at the event with black badges tied on their hands. They also took black flags and banners to protest.

However, in the meantime, the BHA officials have given new assurances from the stage of the event about the Beton Cup. The secretary said, “BHA will get astroturf in January itself.” SAI Eastern Regional Director Manpreet Singh Goendy also said, “SAI will have new blue astroturf sheets by the end of November.” .

The players of Eastern Rail, BNR, CCFC and Kolkata Police AC were awarded on this day. Pooja Bagh was the best female player. The best male player is Abhik Chakraborty.