Mon. Jan 30th, 2023
Pakistani Hockey

The foreign coach of the hockey team left Pakistan and returned to his country. Siegfried Akman, a resident of the Netherlands, has allegedly not been paid for the past 8 months. Finally, he got bored and returned to the country.

An official of the Pakistan Hockey Federation said that Akman was upset not only with the non-payment of salary, but also with the officials of the organization. The bosses were often snubbed when it came to managing the team. Akman would not get freedom. According to the official, “Akman waited for a long time to get his due salary from the Pakistan Hockey Federation. But for the last 8 months he has not received salary. So he decided, too much has happened. He has finally returned to the country.

Pakistan Sports Board gives money to run Pakistan Hockey Federation. From the coach to the players salary is paid from there. But the board did not pay for a long time.

However, another official of the Pakistan Hockey Federation said that Akman has returned to the country because there is no international hockey competition ahead. It has nothing to do with not getting paid. Because, at the end of this month, he will be paid the outstanding salary.

The Pakistan Hockey Federation has been in financial trouble for the past few years. Hockey players have also complained about this. Akman complained to the agency’s bosses before returning home. He said that players will not be able to play well if they have an empty stomach and worry about earning. Federation should take care of that.

Akman was appointed as the coach of the Pakistan hockey team this year. Under his leadership, Pakistan participated in Asia Cup, Commonwealth Games, Sultan Azlan Shah Cup and Super Hockey League. But they could not play very well in any competition. That’s why a section of hockey executives are angry with Ackman. A section of the organization alleged that its impact could also fall on the salary of the coach.