Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
Usha Krira Chakra made it to the Premier League after seven years

As the final whistle blew, the players started cheering across the blue hockey turf. Someone brought the Usha Krira chakra flag from the dugout. The players started dancing on the turf with Indian forward Ishrat Ikhtidar on their shoulders. Usha Krira chakra defeated Hockey Dhaka United 7-1 in the First Division Hockey League at Maulana Bhasani Stadium today. In this victory, Usha Krirachakra became the champion in the first division with one match in hand. This team from old Dhaka has also confirmed to play in the next season’s premier league due to being the champion in the first division.

Usha topped the points table with 27 points in 9 games. Hockey Dhaka United is second with 19 points in 8 games. Usha has one more match left in the league. Hockey Dhaka United have two more matches left. Despite winning these two matches, it is not possible for Hockey United to catch Usha.

In 1984, Usha Krirachakra became the champion from the second division and became the first division. This traditional hockey club has never been relegated from the Premier League since 1994 when Premier Hockey started. Since the nineties, they had become the biggest force in hockey. But for not playing in the Premier League in the 2017-18 season, Usha was relegated to the first division in 2018. Usha Krira Chakra last participated in the Premier League in 2016.

The four-time Premier League champions did not take part in the 2018 league due to a dispute with the federation. At that time, the team officials appealed to the federation to extend the time for the change of teams. But without responding to that request, the federation completed the transfer of services at the appointed time. Angry Usha Krirachakra did not change teams that season. They were then relegated to the First Division as per the Bylaws.

Finally, after playing in the first division according to the rules, after becoming the champion, he got a chance to play in the premier. Usha Krirachakra General Secretary Rashid Shikder enjoyed the match sitting at the stadium today. Hockey Federation vice-president Rashid Shikder is excited to see his team back in the premiership, ‘Usha Krichakra is the beauty of hockey. We are Premier League hat-trick champions. The hockey tradition of old Dhaka is called Usha. The team returned to the premiership after so long by playing today. It is a big relief for us. The competition in domestic hockey will increase in Bangladesh in Usha Phera. He also informed the plan of this year’s Premier League, “It is a bit difficult to build a team twice in the same season. But since our only event is hockey. I give highest priority to hockey. Next season we want to be champion in the league.

Usha Krirachakra has shown dominance throughout the league. National team goalkeeper Asim Gop, Debashish Kumar Roy, three Indian players Ishrat Ikhtidar, Hasan Rizvi, Bhagat Singh Dilan are the main differences with other teams. Ishrat alone scored 3 goals out of 7 goals this morning; He also did 2 more.

Usha’s coach Mamunur Rashid took today’s match as an unwritten final, ‘We had a challenge, we have to win this match. They dominated throughout the game. I told the players, this is not a league match. The final of the knockout stage should be played. Because, if we lost today, we had less chance to become champions. The boys played according to my plan. I am happy to finally make Usha the champion.