Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
Allegations of plagiarism of posters

A few days ago, the first teaser and first look poster of the star-studded film ‘Adipurush’ was released. After the release of the teaser of the film with a budget of around Rs 500 crore, the criticism about the VFX started. Now came the complaint of copying the poster. An animation studio has accused the makers of the film of plagiarizing the poster.

An animation company called Vanar Sena Studios has shared a story on social media. There are posters of both ‘Adipurush’ and ‘Lord Shiva’. They wrote below, It seems that the makers of ‘Adipurush’ have made their poster inspired by the first look poster of ‘Lord Shiva’. Then the animation company criticized the film’s production company and wrote, ‘It is a shame for T-series. They should have mentioned the name of Vanar Sena Studios, the original owner of the artwork.”

Earlier, netizens expressed their dissatisfaction after seeing the teaser of ‘Adipurush’. After seeing this 1 minute 46 second teaser, most of them raised questions about the VFX work of the movie. Apart from this, many people complain that several scenes of ‘Adipurush’ are taken from ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Vikings’, ‘Lord of the Rings’ and even the mobile game Temple Run. Although the production company and no one related to the film have not yet commented on these allegations.

The debate about ‘Adipurush’ does not end here. Satyendranath Das, the head priest of Ayodhya Ram Mandir, demanded that the film be banned. Satendranath said that Ram, Hanuman and Ravana have been misrepresented in the film. Rama and Hanuman are not depicted in the movie as described in the epic. Ravana’s outfit in particular does not seem to be based on ‘Adipurush’ Puranas. The costume looks like it is a story from the Mughal period. This distortion violated their dignity. So the movie should be banned immediately. Apart from this, Vishwa Hindu Parishad said that the film has hurt the sentiments of Hindus. They also demanded that the film be banned.

Directed by Om Raut, the film stars Prabhas as ‘Ramchandra’, Kriti Sanon as ‘Sita’ and Saif Ali Khan as ‘Raavan’. ‘Adipurush’ is a mythological movie based on the epic Ramayana. Produced by T-Series, the movie will be released in three parts. The first part of the movie will be released in theaters in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada on January 12 next year.