Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
Indian Hockey Captain

It is natural for Indian hockey team captain Manpreet Singh to remember the recently concluded Asia Cup hockey in Dhaka. After 10 years, his country is ‘Asia’s best’ in hockey, and that is in Dhaka. Along with the Asia Cup, the city of Dhaka will also have a different place in Manpreet’s heart.

In Manpreet’s voice, Dhaka has given me two hands. I got the captaincy of the national hockey team not long ago. This is my second tournament as captain. Never came to Dhaka before. The first time I came, I became the champion. I remained indebted to Dhaka. I will remember the city forever. Definitely want to come here again.

Manpreet came from a remote village in Punjab. Farmer father used to suffer a lot. He could not afford to meet the daily needs of life and bear the expenses of his son’s hockey dream. But Manpreet’s indomitable will brought him to this place. Made captain of Indian hockey team.

They were talking while sitting in Manpreet’s room on the ninth floor of Fars Hotel in Vijaynagar, Dhaka. The Indian hockey star took the opportunity to do some shopping. Manpreet had no idea that the people of a busy city like Dhaka were so sincere. Dhaka people are not like that. They are very sincere. Received unwavering support throughout the tournament. After winning the final, I could not leave the stadium. Everyone was congratulating. was taking pictures Everyone seemed very friendly. There is only one thing that is bad in Dhaka, that is the traffic jam.

Traffic jam is an old problem of Dhaka. That problem is not easily solvable. Manpreet knows that too. But after 10 years, this city of India’s Asia Cup victory will always be remembered as a city of sincere love, not a city of traffic jams.