Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023
Nora Fatehi

Delhi Police’s Crime Branch (EOW) has been roped in to investigate businessman Sukesh Chandrasekhar’s corruption case. It is known that several Bollywood actresses are involved in this case. However, two Bollywood actresses Jacqueline Fernandez and Nora Fatehi are badly involved with Sukesh’s case. Jacqueline was questioned by EOW investigating officers last Wednesday. Nora was summoned by EOW on Thursday.

Nora was questioned by the EOW twice about this. Earlier in early September, they sent Nora. Yesterday, EOW officials interrogated Pinky Irani and Nora, one of the accused in the case and close to Sukesh. EOW asked Nora for details about that special event in Chennai. The event was organized in December 2020 at a five star hotel in Chennai.

Nora said that the booking of the event was done through her company Exide Entertainment Private Limited. The event was organized by LS Corporation and Sukesh’s wife Lina Maria’s nail artist. Nora told the investigating officers during interrogation yesterday, “The event was quite good. Lina gifted me a Gucci bag and iPhone. Leena said that her husband (Sukesh) is a big fan of mine. But her husband cannot meet me now. Leena talked to me on Sukesh’s phone. Then Lina announced that she would give me a BMW car as a gift.

This Canadian actress also told the police, ‘A person named Shekhar called me. I gave my cousin’s husband Bobby’s number and asked to speak to him. Contacting Bobby, Shekhar offered to give a BMW car. I asked Bobby to tell me that I don’t need a BMW. Because I have a BMW. Shekhar then offered to give Bobby a BMW. It was a token of agreement. After that a BMW Series Five was booked in Bobby’s name.

During interrogation, Nora showed her and Sukesh’s mobile chat to the police officers. He submitted the screenshot of this chat to EOW. Nora told EOW during questioning, ‘I was the victim of a conspiracy. I am not a plotter.’

The Bollywood actress was asked if she found anything suspicious about Sukesh. In response, he said, ‘Sukesh used to send messages and calls continuously. And he showed greed by giving me various gifts. Then I understand his ambition. Nora was interrogated by investigating officers for six hours that day.

Actress Jacqueline was interrogated by EOW officials for eight hours last Wednesday. On this day, Pinky Irani and Jacqueline sat together for a question and answer session. But they were not satisfied with Jacqueline’s answer. The Sri Lankan woman could not properly answer several questions asked by the investigating officers.