Mon. Jan 30th, 2023
Kate Winslet

Caroline Hunter’s 12-year-old daughter, a resident of Scotland, is bedridden with cerebral palsy. The annual electricity bill to run his life support equipment and heat the house comes to six and a half thousand euros. While she is struggling to meet her medical expenses, Caroline is in trouble with this huge electricity bill.

Earlier, local councils in Scotland warned Caroline that her electricity bill would rise significantly. BBC Scotland highlighted their helplessness. That report caught the attention of Kate Winslet, the famous Hollywood actress. Immediately came forward to save the girl. Caroline contacted the family through a private agency. He donated 17 thousand pounds to this family, which is more than 2 million taka in Bangladeshi currency.

After hearing about Kate Winslet’s donation, 49-year-old Caroline said, ‘We were having a really bad day. At one time, it seemed that everything would end. But when I heard about Kate Winslet’s financial support, tears of joy fell from my eyes. I couldn’t believe it. I’m still thinking, is this real?’

Kate Onslet will next be seen in James Cameron’s much-awaited ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’. The sequel to the hugely popular and award-winning 2009 ‘Avatar’ is releasing 13 years after the first installment. Apart from Kate Winslet, the film also stars Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and others.