Mon. Jan 30th, 2023
Sward Marin no longer in charge of the Queens

India’s women’s hockey team coach Sward Marin quit the day after they failed to bring home a medal from Tokyo. Despite not winning a medal, the fight of Indian girls has caught the attention of the whole of India.

A few hours after losing the match, the Indian women’s team coach called a press conference and said, “I have no other plans for the improvement of the Indian team.” This was my last match as the coach of the Indian women’s team. Now the entire responsibility is on Jannekar’s scopeman.

The Sports Authority of India (SAI) has suggested extending the contract of Marin and Skopman, but Marin wants to return home for personal reasons. He said, “I could not meet my family for three and a half years. But I will miss everyone on this team. A great journey has come to an end.”

Proud Marin for Queens. The Indian women’s hockey team has inspired the entire country. He thinks so. Marin told the queens, “You may not have won a medal, but you have won the hearts of Indians. I am proud of you.”