Mon. Jan 30th, 2023
Bangladesh women's national football team

The soft feeling of the morning sun is not there. The heat of the sun was increasing as the day progressed. Since then, the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport has been thronged with journalists. The victorious Bangladesh women’s team will return home from Nepal at quarter past two. The news workers are busy to convey the story of their return to the people of the country.

The crowd of common people has not yet gathered properly. A group of BKSP came at around 12 noon. Cricket, judo, swimming, football—girls from all categories are there. There is only one slogan in their mouth – ‘Bangladesh!’ ‘Bangladesh!’

After a while, the roar of the tiger was heard. ‘Tiger’ means the well-known face of the cricket field, Tiger Shoaib Ali! The success of football has drawn familiar faces from the cricket field to the airport. Like BKSP students, she also has the atmosphere of Bangladesh.

Taskin Ahmed was seen coming out of the airport after an hour. The pacer of the national cricket team went to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah a few days ago. Today is a day that will be remembered in the sports history of Bangladesh. Journalists waiting at the airport also found Taskin and surrounded him with cameras.

Taskin also expressed his happiness at the achievement of women footballers before leaving the tangle of journalists, ‘It is a great achievement for our country. Very happy. I am sure, they will play better in the future, Insha Allah.

The wait for the champions inside the airport was growing ever since. When will Sabina, Maria, Krishnara come – the same question is on everyone’s lips. Meanwhile, the crowd of supporters outside the VIP gate was increasing.

Within an hour, the place to step into the airport will disappear. The crowd of supporters gathered around the open-top bus. A BRTC bus with ‘Champions’ decorated with flowers waiting for women cricketers. The crowd of people around the bus, everyone came down to the street to welcome Sabina.

The girls of Bangladesh have returned home with the clean football trophy, the madness will work. But the players of the women’s team could not have imagined that it would be so big.

When the girls were coming out with the trophy raised, the champion written on them, the expression of many people’s eyes was ‘disbelief’! As Rituparna Chakma said, ‘We also thought there would be a lot of people (at the airport). But it will be so much, that is totally unexpected.

Disbelief also has a dimension. When the open-top bus of the champions came out of the airport, it seemed to surpass that level. There were crowds of people on both sides of the road. Many people were congratulating on the roofs and balconies of big buildings.

The eyes were stuck seeing the activities of the workers who were busy in the renovation of the airport. Seeing the girls’ open-top bus, everyone stopped their work and started clapping in a row. The workers cheered until the snail-paced bus passed out of sight. A similar scene was created by the workers working on the elevated expressway.

From the open-top bus, Sabina also raised the trophy and waved her hand to respond to this greeting. Many people danced to the rhythm of the song. Behind the open-top bus, a truck of supporters was repeatedly playing the song ‘Jalle Otho, Bangladesh’. With the words of the song, as if the whole atmosphere is united, ‘Target the victory of red and green, spread it from hand to hand.’

The DJ at the cricket ground usually tries to keep the audience energized by playing this song between the overs. The same song played in football success. Seeing the open-top buses moving at a snail’s pace and the noise of people filling the streets, it seemed that this was the magic of success. All of society is united in an instant, like that group of BKSP girls. Football, cricket – whatever the game, this success is like the whole of Bangladesh.

Such pictures are not often seen in the sports world of Bangladesh. Reminisced about winning the U-19 Cricket World Cup 2020. Going a little further back, there is also talk of Bangladesh winning the title in the 2018 Women’s Asia Cup Cricket.

But when it comes to celebrations, the reception of the women’s football team went beyond them. The crown of South Asia’s best in football is occupied by Bangladeshi girls. That joy becomes universal and unites the whole of Bangladesh.

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