Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

Indian hockey team won gold in Asian Games. This time the junior hockey team of India went on to win the title. India reached the semi-finals of the Sultan of Johor Cup by defeating New Zealand 6-2. India took a 3-0 lead in the first quarter. The Indian team could have won by 6-1 had they not conceded a goal in the last minute.

New Zealand is slightly ahead of India in terms of team strength. However, it was not understood in the field fight. Indian players showed power from the beginning of the match. The Indian team earned a penalty corner in the first minute. Amandeep Lakra did not make a mistake to score after 2 minutes. Amandeep completed the hat trick by scoring two more goals in the 7th and 35th minutes of the match. His second goal also came from a penalty corner. Arun Sahani scored two goals. He scored in 12 and 53 minutes. The other goal was scored by Pubanna Chandura Bobby in the 52nd minute of the match. Despite scoring goals at regular intervals, the Indian team also wasted a few easy chances. New Zealand goal scorer Luke Aldred. He scored in the 29th and 60th minutes.

India advanced to the last four of the competition after winning against New Zealand as group champions. However, a tough fight awaits India in the semi-finals. To play with one of the teams in Germany, Australia or Great Britain.