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Who won gold in three games on the same day?

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Zuairia Ferdous Jayita surprised by winning gold in three events on the same day at the Sheikh Kamal II Youth Games. Jhenaidah’s daughter Zuairia Ferdous Joyita won the first gold in the shot put at the Banani Army Stadium in Dhaka. Khulna Division won the women’s hockey final after defeating Chittagong Division 1-0 at the Maulana Bhasani Stadium in the afternoon. Jayita is the captain of Khulna again. Later in the evening, Jayita’s team Khulna defeated Barisal in the girls’ kabaddi final.

Jayita was lucky that all three games did not fall at the same time. Otherwise, it would not have been possible for him to win three gold medals in one day. Bangabandhu came to the stadium after holding an event at the Army Stadium in the morning. As the hockey and kabaddi stadiums are close here, both of them can be reached within a few hours.

In athletics, Jayita excelled in throwing events and also played cricket and hockey well. Played in Bangladesh Under-21 Women’s Hockey Team. The experience of representing Bangladesh in the Asian Hockey Federation Cup U-21 in 2019 drew him further into the world of sports. He was in the National Under-21 camp under the Bangladesh Cricket Board. However, he did not get a place in the final team.

His big goal now is to make it to the national level in cricket. But want to play hockey. An excited Jayita said after winning three golds on the same day, ‘I want to represent Bangladesh in cricket. But since I play hockey, I want to be in both sports.

Mother Suraiya Begum is a physical teacher at Fajr Ali Girls School and College in Jhenaidah. As a result, the mother knows the importance of sports? He has helped his daughter in playing from a young age. Mother is now very happy with her daughter’s success. Suraiya Begum, who came to Dhaka with her daughter, told Prothom Alo on the phone today, “I play various sports teams in schools and colleges. Jayita saw them closely. He grew up in the arms of his elder sister. This is how his love for the game was born.

The eldest son of Suraiya Begum’s two children. Son completed BBA MBA from Dhaka University. Jayita also got the help of her brother. Fazor Ali Girls School and College gave the Higher Secondary Examination this time. The mother wishes that the daughter will become a university teacher in the future, ‘I will be happy if she becomes a university teacher.’ But the mother wishes that the daughter will do better in sports in the future, ‘I want her to continue playing sports. In addition to the game, be the organizer of making players.

With that hope, Suraiya Begum is returning from Dhaka to Jhenaidah today. He is taking Jayita with him.