Mon. May 20th, 2024

As soon as the film star duo came to the stadium, the response fell. In fact, the response was already read. Many people were waiting at the main gate of the hockey stadium in Gulistan. The crowd slowly increased and at one stage the gate was broken. Photojournalists were already prepared. When Parimoni and Shariful entered the stadium, everyone surrounded them. Under the pressure of the crowd, they could not speak properly. Two stars fell prey to selfie hunters.

By that time, Saif Sporting Khulna and Walton Dhaka players stood in the middle of the field for the national anthem before facing the match at night.

Parimony and Raj were brought in as part of the campaign in the franchise league. They are the ambassadors of this tournament. Earlier, Hawa movie actress Nazifa Tushi came to the hockey stadium on Monday. The organizers want to make the first-ever six-team hockey league in the country attractive. But there are few visitors in the gallery. On the first day on October 28, the total number of visitors in the VIP box was 3-4 thousand, since then the attendance has dropped significantly. But the visitors in the gallery are enjoying the time well.

Today, during the break of the match, Parimoni and Raj entered the field with hockey sticks. At that time, all the floodlights in the stadium suddenly went off. The second half started ten minutes late. At that time, two Bengali film actors threw some t-shirts to the audience as a gift.

At the end, they came to talk to the media in the VIP box on the third floor of the stadium. But when they talk, their children cry. Parimoni gave time to his son and then spoke to the media. Coming to the hockey stadium, he felt great and said, “From the moment I decided to go to the hockey field, a thrill was working in my mind. After coming to the field, I was overwhelmed by the response of so many people. I feel very good.

Shariful also felt the same. This famous hero of Bengali cinema also talks about hockey. He said, his own expectations about Bangladeshi hockey, “Bangladesh hockey was at the place in eighty-nineties, I hope Bangladeshi hockey will progress further through this champions trophy. I want to see Bangladesh hockey in a bigger place, on the world stage.