Mon. May 20th, 2024

Be it football or cricket, Kolkata Maidan has seen many exciting days. But no one can remember when the Kolkata Maidan became bloody around two hockey matches in the past. First the East Bengal vs Mohun Bagan match on Sunday, followed by the East Bengal vs Punjab Sports match on Thursday. The field became heated around these two matches.

What is the reason for repeated trouble in the Kolkata Hockey League? Anandabazar Online’s search has revealed several theories.

First of all, even though the common people were not particularly enthusiastic about hockey, there were at least a couple of thousand people on the field on the day of the derby. The day was Sunday, a holiday. People associated with the Maidan say that even if there is a hockey match, the Maidan is full on Sundays. As a result, being a person doesn’t matter. On him was the derby match. There was also much hype about the two teams meeting after 22 years. As a result, there was no delay in gathering people.

Secondly, Swapan Banerjee, the president of Hockey Bengal, the organizer of the Kolkata Hockey League, is also the football secretary of Mohun Bagan. It is heard that if he does not make Mohun Bagan the champion with ‘responsibility’, there will be no achievement. So he is the one who made the trouble. Anandabazar Online tried to contact Swapan after hearing the complaint. But his phone is switched off.

Thirdly, one can also smell the internal troubles of the Punjab team during Punjab Sports and East Bengal matches. There are two camps in Punjab sports. Among them, a camp formed the East Bengal team. So on the day of the match, rivalry could not be avoided and trouble ensued.

Fourthly, another theory has emerged that the other camp of Punjab sports has also created the Mohun Bagan team. Trouble has been created on purpose so that Mohun Bagan can become champions.

Fifthly, the previous coach of Punjab Sports is now attached as the coach of East Bengal. Here comes the theory of internal disturbance. Shena is going, the coach has become displeased with a section of Punjab sports. As a result, there was trouble in the match between the two teams.