Referee of Argentina-Brazil match banned for serious error

Towards the end of the first half, defender Nicolas Otamendi was seen in Argentina’s D-box with an elbow injury and Rafinia’s mouth was bleeding. VAR rejected Brazil’s strong plea for a penalty. But Conmebol says Otamendi’s behavior was “violent.”

Despite his quiet nature, he reacted angrily to several decisions of the referee and VAR after this match. The decisions were unimaginable to the Brazil coach. According to him, it is impossible not to see Rafinia hitting Otamendi with her elbow in VAR.

Conmebel made his decision on Thursday after reviewing the referees’ match performance.

“The performance of Chief Referee Andres Cuia and VAR Referee Esteban Veger has been monitored and it has been determined that they have made serious and obvious mistakes.”

Conmebol said the two referees were banned “indefinitely”.

These two teams have confirmed the World Cup in Qatar from Latin America. Brazil has 35 points from 11 wins and two draws in 13 matches. Argentina are two with 29 points in an equal match.